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About Run CG Run

RUN CG RUN is a small group of running enthusiasts committed to putting on great events that showcase our little town of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Our runs include the Gold Rush 5k, the Fools Rush 5k, and the Jingle Rush 5k. Proceeds go to support youth running in Cottage Grove, especially the our junior high and highschool teams. If you’re interested in sponsoring (or volunteering) with us, please send us a message through our Facebook group.

Where the money went in 2017

$2230 for Running shoes and Clothing including t-shirts for middle and highschool students.

$700 for food during event trips and work parties.

$650 for event fees, outside the normal season.

$1000 for season meet expenses like awards, bibs, give-aways, and trial wraps.

$650 for coach support, including middle school stipend, highschool assistants insurance, and new coach training.

$200 for publicity, things like banners, posters, and handouts.

$800 for timing equipment user for students meets and for Run CG Run events.

We also fnded the “Great Ice Cream Bowl” community event in conjunction with local efforts during child abuse prevention month.

We worked to partner with Weyerhaueser and Reeds Trucking to purchase bark chips for Neely Trail and parts of Spirit Trail (walking and jogging trails around CGHS).